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Consultants and Strategy Groups

Lead Consultant - K. Holloway

Pandemic Training and Global Bioresponses - M. Farmer

Healthcare and Infectious Diseases - M. Rueda

Unified Communications and Voip- Mr. J. Andrews

Cardiopharmacology - Dr. V. Holloway

Hazmat, EMS and Fire -Mr. W. Hoagabrough

Constitutional Law and Government Relations - J. Jordan, JD

Veterinary Medicine - Dr. J. Burton, DVM

Global Corporations and Patents - Mr. L. Campbell

Research - D. J. Lacey

Travel - Carlson Wagonlit

Surety - Multiple staff nationwide

Real Estate - K. Knox

Casinos - Native American Group

Documents, Audio and Video conversions - E. Hall

Data Security and Backups - C. Luccheuw

Economic Development - N. Taylor

Education - A. Garner

Wealth Management - J. Ingram and H. Abdullah

Lobbyist - P. Bell

Law Enforcement Apps and Encryption - G. Smith

Veteran Business Affairs - J. Austin