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-TechFirst remote managed network monitoring for all computer servers, phones and corporate services.

-Video Editing for public FOIA requests on Body and Dash Cameras.

-Virtual Computing and Virtual phones with docking stations for Iphones, Ipads,Tablets and Android devices.

-Audio, Video and Document conversions to digital files.

-Computer Offsite encrypted backups-software controlled.

-Corporate Call and Datacenter installations and software.

-Unified communications, infrastructure, video conferencing, commercial data security and cloud services.

-Consulting Services on application and network design and  Cyber-Security.

-WiFi for WLAN, RF routing and smartmesh networking for buildings, stadiums, Casinos and Schools.

-E911 enable solutions 

-With one-click data recovery, your company is back on-line within minutes of a server failure.  Encrypted, daily e-mails, daily monitoring and security.

-Use your Android, Iphone or tablet as your office phone.  Bring your on device to work by using our docking stations.

-We bring your contact center to the cloud, data-centers and live chat on your websites.

-3 billion interactions handled.

-Paper, audio and video converted to desktop files.

-We provide massive projects for Wi-fi like the Verizon Center in Wash. D.C., buildings, stores and entire cities.

-New highspeed computers with encryption keys and drives and cloning docking stations.

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